Four Mobile Apps That Will Help You Stay Organised

Do you ever “drown” under piles of paper, post-its and lists upon lists? Then this post is for you. As our very first blog post on our little website, we would like to share with you our go-to mobile applications that will help you stay on top of things all in one place (and if we save some paper in the process then hey, everybody wins #savetheplanet).

The first app, quite obviously is DropBox. Whoever came up with DropBox is a genius. If you look back 20 years, we have evolved from a Floppy Disk, Portable Hard Drives and Memory Sticks to almost fully storing our data online. DropBox allows you to store your important data in a password encrypted folder and simultaneously allows you to share a link to specific file with whomever you decide to share it with. All the while, it saves you the very much important storage space on your device.

DropBox Logo

Next up is the forever reliable Hootsuite. Where would the world of Social Media be without it? Definitely running against the clock trying to post all those social media posts on time. Hootsuite is a scheduling tool for all of your social media accounts. It’s a great assistant when your business is not in a position to hire someone to look after your marketing full time – you dedicate an hour each week to schedule all your posts, photographs and tweets.

HootSuite Logo

*** Another great Tweet Scheduling Tool is Tweet Deck, it is not a Mobile App – it’s a Website, but its totally free and you can categorize your tweets and schedule them for weeks ahead ***

Twitter/Tweet Deck Logo

If you are the queen of lists (very much like me) then you will love our newest find – Trello. Trello isn’t a very well known app, at least not in Ireland but I love it already after using it only for a couple of weeks! Basically, you create a number of checklists i.e. Home / Work / Travel / Kids / Car or whatever it is you have going on in your life. Within each list you create your outstanding tasks and what’s the cherry on top is that you can put in your family members email addresses into the app and they will receive the checklist. Now, your partner can never say they “didn’t know” what needed to be done around the house. You can thank me later.

Trello Logo

I am going to finish up this post with a very much a business app, Quick Books created in the UK. It’s a great invoicing tool, especially for on the go entrepreneurs, freelancers and ideal for SMEs. It’s very straight forward in use, certain functions are free and then you have to pay for the more in-depth options.

Quick Books Logo

That’s it from us for the first week officially live, I hope you have found these tools useful. We will be aiming to bring you a new dose of information once a week.

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

Published by Joanna Beale

Joanna Beale - Virtual Assistant Solutions was established in Ireland in 2018. It is now located in Vancouver, BC. It's aimed to help small & medium businesses with their Sales & Marketing & Social Media needs. We also provide administrative solutions.

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