How To Ensure Your Site is Found on Google

In last weeks post, we shared how to build your own website on a dime (or for free) which you can read all about here. This week we will be sharing tips on how to make sure your site comes up in Google Search when people search for i.e. your business name or services your business offers. It sounds simple, however a lot of work goes into the “back end” of website set up.

Search on Google

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the first thing you need to do when creating content for your site. You need to do your research and see what key words bring up the searches for businesses that provide same/similar services to yours. For example, if you have a Vegan Store your key words might be “vegan” “wholesale” “retail” or “organic” and so on. Once you found your key words, you then need to make sure there’s sufficient number of those words throughout your content on your site; you do however need to be extremely careful not to use them too often as Google will find them spammy and won’t recognize your site as a reliable source of information.

SEO - How To Find Your Site on Google Search

Alternative Text

Also known as Alt Text. Google as a search engine cannot read photographs, therefore a huge part of your content can be potentially missed. This is a great opportunity to be found online. This is where Alt Text comes into play, once you upload a photograph onto your site or as a part of your blog post, when you click on the photograph itself, the “back end” of your site – be that WordPress or Wix or whatever it is that you’re using should give you a box with Alt Text written above it. It means you can describe what’s in the photograph (this isn’t visible to readers) but it will help Google find your site via that description. Using the same example as above, you upload photograph of freshly delivered vegetables that you sell in your Vegan Store your Alt Text may for example be “Organic Vegan Produce”


During every consultation I cannot stress enough how important links are. Linking your site to other reliable sites creates a relationship and Google recognizes it also. For example, Your Vegan Store recommends number of Vegan Cookbooks (however you don’t sell them) but say Happy Pear does – and so you link their site to your content. As they’re a well established business with high traffic Google will recognize this as a reliable source of information. (Make sure you only link useful sites that actually relate to your business) Just like with the SEO Google will recognize if you’re trying to spam your site with number of links and will not show your site in search. Another great way to keep your older posts in the spotlight is to refer to your previous posts or other pages on your site within one another. For example, at the beginning of this post I have mentioned a post I wrote last week (in case anyone missed it) and I have linked it. It’s a great way of making sure your older content still gets seen.


Hashtags aren’t as relevant to a website content itself, however if you use the correct # on your social media sites it will attract the right audience, which in turn might lead to website visits. Ensure your Social Media Channels are up to date with correct website address and contact details. Nothing screams red flag like invalid credentials.


As much as this weeks topic isn’t 100% relevant to a Virtual Assistant I really enjoyed writing it. I have so much passion for Digital Marketing, sharing my knowledge with others gives me so much joy. As always, I hope you found this useful. Have a lovely week!

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

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