Storage Hacks That Will Help You Keep Your Home Office Neat & Tidy

Working from home is a career goal for many of us; being able to wake up in the morning and answer your emails still in your PJs with the fire on. #winning is what that is. However many of us don’t realize the practical side of working from home – where do you keep all your paperwork and documents? What if working from home is your side hustle and you live in a small house with your family; where will you find that additional space? Here are some handy storage tips for your home office. (Your kids can help you with some of these too as a fun family project).

Home Office


Dropbox is a God send, honestly! Where were we 10 years ago with all of the paperwork lying around everywhere and you couldn’t actually find anything?! Dropbox is a great way to store your projects, paperwork and information sheets. What’s great about Dropbox is that it reduces your paper consumption and you can share each individual folder with whomever you wish – it’s so convenient and a secure way to share files online.

Business Cards

Huge part of being a virtual assistant is going out to Networking Events, meeting potential clients and work colleagues, but who actually looks at their business cards? I mean, I LOOK at them however they only end up in a drawer somewhere under a pile of paper. That’s why every business card I get, I type into an Excel Spreadsheet – I write down the company name, the contact, position in the company, email & phone and the card ends in my recycling. This saves me so much paper and its super convenient for when you’re looking for a particular contact on the spreadsheet. After all I am a virtual assistant, what saves me time, saves you time.

Notice Board

Now, your home office may just be a small desk in the corner of the room, and you might not have a whole lot of room to lay out all your work. I find that if I put something up in my line of sight I will more likely get something done. This is where your family can help you out! A friend of mine, is extremely crafty and she gave me an idea of using my old wire trays that go into your baking tray in the oven (provided they’re not covered in dirt). Give them a little scrub and get your family to spray paint them – they will be one of a kind for sure, and once dried you can hang them up on your wall and clip your important bits onto them. Its also a great way to get your family involved in your work.

Baking Tray Wall Organiser
Image Source: Dainty Dress Diaries

Drawer Organizer

Staying on theme with baking another marvelous idea is to use a muffin tray – again you can totally personalize it, spray paint it – you name it and it makes for a great tool to organize your drawer. It keeps your paper clips, tum-tacks, staples etc all in order. It really is that simple and you probably have one lying around the house already.

Muffin Tray as Drawer Organizer
Image Source: Pinterest

Here at Instant Assistant HQ we’re all about minimalism, recycling and sustainability. Reuse is our favorite word. If we can play a small part into saving the world little by little, then we most definitely will.

Next week we will be out of office, for some well deserved (or at least we’d like to think so) break, but not to worry the post will be up on Monday as always!

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

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