4 Ways To Organically Find Clients as a Virtual Assistant

Whether you are looking to make some extra cash on a side or want to run your own business from home its always daunting trying to get that first client. Setting up your side hustle isn’t such a hard thing, but putting yourself out there and getting (potentially) shot down times and times over can be. Today, I share with you four ways I found most successful in scoring that first client.


Setting up your site is the first step in making sure others know you’re out there. (To find out how to create your own site on a dime, read one of my previous posts here.) However having your own site isn’t enough to be visible on first page of Google. You need to ensure you keep your site up to date and create content on regular basis – not just any content; it must be something you can contribute to the online world that’s not already out there. Copying content that’s already easily available will quickly be recognized by both your readers and Google as Google continuously scans the internet for similar content and it will not show your site as viable source of information.


Join a group online that has the same goal i.e. self-employed; entrepreneurs; girl bosses or a group of a similar topic i.e. Virtual Assistants, Bloggers etc. These types of groups are hugely helpful in the entire process from setting up your site to banking that first client, contracts and so on. Facebook is where you will find majority of them, however be smart about it – take the information you need from there but don’t be a sheep and follow everything they tell you to do. Be your own self. That’s what will make you stand out in the long run.

Facebook Groups - Virtual Assistant


Networking is a great way to find new clients, people like to put a face to a name especially when working with a virtual assistant. Facebook Groups I mentioned earlier will be a great place where you will find out about these events. Twitter also offers particular hashtags that will allow you to network and communicate with other like-minded people; for example in Kildare you will find #KildareHour every Monday at 9.00pm – if you Tweet using this hashtag you will be able to converse with other people from the area, many of them are entrepreneurs. Do your research and get involved and get your name out there.

Networking Event


All of the above might still not be able to bag you your first client, but don’t get discouraged – keep persisting and be patient. You honestly never know who is watching, once you keep engaged in various streams and get your name out there or even provide free advice on say Twitter during the networking time, people will see you as having valuable insight/knowledge and will get talking. Referral from a friend or someone random is a great way to get your first client or any subsequent client for that matter.

Twitter Networking

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

Published by Joanna Beale

Joanna Beale - Virtual Assistant Solutions was established in Ireland in 2018. It is now located in Vancouver, BC. It's aimed to help small & medium businesses with their Sales & Marketing & Social Media needs. We also provide administrative solutions.

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