Best Spots To Work Out of as a Virtual Assistant in Kildare

This week we are sharing some of our ‘secret’ spots around Kildare (where we are based) that we like to work out of. Not everyone is as lucky to have a home office and many self-employed or side-hustlers need to make the most of their local area for ‘office space’. We enjoy sharing these types of posts, as we believe in supporting local/small businesses always!

Siblings, Naas

Siblings Cafe located in Monread next to Gym Plus is a lovely family oriented cafe. They offer fresh, locally sourced food and snacks if coffee and a treat its what you’re after. Great place to work out of in a corner for a little while; during the week that is as its so popular that at the weekend its hard to find a spot! (And this doesn’t surprise us one bit!).

Remote Work in a Cafe

Barker & Jones Cafe, Naas

Barker & Jones is a large bookshop in the heart of Naas. It’s on the pricey side, however their little cafe located on the first floor offers delicious coffee, free WiFi and great views of the main street for people watching. It’s never too crowded or too loud which allows you to work in peace. Also, as you’re in the middle of a book shop if you need a moment of distraction you can go and check out their offering as they have everything you could possibly ask for – from magazines, arts & crafts to all sorts of books.

PS Coffee Roasters, Clane

Originally located in Naas, their second cafe opened recently in Clane is so quaint and the coffee is to die for. Lovely atmosphere and really friendly staff makes the place what it is. Their coffee knowledge and offering is second to none; it takes real passion to make it what is it. You can work away in peace (after school hours that is) and drink liters of coffee. This couldn’t be a complete post without supporting fellow business in Clane!

Coffee Love

Kaedeen Hotel, Newbridge

This is our recent find, it wasn’t originally on our radar however we definitely underestimated it. The huge lobby area offers a quaint and peaceful atmosphere to work, people watch or hold a meeting. Large armchairs and an open fire makes it for a cosy setting.

Salad Lunch

Working as a Virtual Assistant without a home office, often we are ‘forced’ to find somewhere to work from, where we need the access to Wifi, availability of sockets and atmosphere that allows us to hold meetings, conference calls and concentrate on our work. It’s not easy, as these days its all about turnover and getting the customers out and making those much needed $$. Finding the right fit for you whilst keeping the costs down its not always easy. While we love sharing our personal experiences with all of you, hopefully this will help you find your own little gems around your local area and support those small businesses which most definitely need it.

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

Published by Joanna Beale

Joanna Beale - Virtual Assistant Solutions was established in Ireland in 2018. It is now located in Vancouver, BC. It's aimed to help small & medium businesses with their Sales & Marketing & Social Media needs. We also provide administrative solutions.

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