Top Tips on Working From Home

This Bank Holiday Monday we share our top tips on working efficiently from home. Those of you who are lucky enough to be off for three days, we’re jealous. However those are the sacrifices that need to be made if you’re partially self employed (I say partially, as we both hold full time jobs and work as Virtual Assistants on a side) then taking a day off isn’t really an option; at least not when you’re starting out your business.

1. Leave your “home stuff” at the door

I am a perfectionist. From the moment I wake up to the moment my eyes close at night, my brain goes into an overdrive. I make lists in my head of things that need to be done, that I would like to improve, tasks that must be completed. This is all happening aside of my actual day to day life. I can never stop and I don’t think I even want to. When I do find myself having an hour or so to “myself” without a pressuring deadline I feel unsettled. However once I step into my Virtual Assistant Office I must leave my daily to-dos at the door. I cannot have my mind in two places, thinking of what needs to be done around the house (as I work from home) and I need to make sure I give 100% of my attention to all of my projects. I don’t let my mind bring me elsewhere. This took me weeks to perfect but I needed to split my home time and my work time at home.

2. Be Comfortable

Make sure the area you work from is fit for its purpose. It might sound so simple, however if you find yourself sitting on a hard wooden chair which is not designed for prolonged periods of time, you’ll end up getting numb limbs and next time around this might cause you to procrastinate and put things off. Besides your posture really affects how you function on daily basis so don’t damage your back – get a comfortable table and chair to work at. You don’t need to spend a fortune – Ikea has amazing office range and its very affordable. You can find out more about their offering by clicking here.

Home Office

3. Clean Area

Another point which sounds so silly, however I personally cannot concentrate if the area around me is dirty, just like I can’t go to sleep if my bedroom is messy. My desk needs to be neat and tidy then my mind will be tidy also. Clean around your desk, remove unnecessary items and give yourself as much room as possible for whatever project it is you’re currently working on.

Clean and Tidy Office Desk

4. Sufficient Supplies

Once your area is comfortable, clean & tidy ensure you have all the supplies you will need to get your work done. For example, don’t start working at your laptop only to realize that the battery is about to die soon and you will have to go to the car to retrieve the charger. This will only delay your work, burst your creative bubble and you might lose your train of thought. Double check that you have your diary, your cables, your USB stick – pens, paper and whatever other accessories you might need before you finally sit down.

Office Supplies on the desk

5. Make a List

You guys know by now that I sure love a good list – to find out how you can make the most of making lists you can view my previous post here. Making a list will ensure you get everything done that you need to that day, that nothing goes a miss and that you can prioritize your tasks as the day goes on.

If you, the reader also happen to be self-employed full time or not, please feel free to leave a comment below with any tips you might have on how you find working from home yourself. Lets share our tips with the rest of the community.

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

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Joanna Beale - Virtual Assistant Solutions was established in Ireland in 2018. It is now located in Vancouver, BC. It's aimed to help small & medium businesses with their Sales & Marketing & Social Media needs. We also provide administrative solutions.

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