2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Virtual Assistants & Those Working From Home

As soon as the clock struck midnight on Halloween Night, we knew it was Christmas. Yes, we are those type of people. We cherish those seven or so weeks of pure madness in the shops, carol singers in the shopping centers, butterscotch cookies and aroma of mulled wine in the air. With that in mind, we have compiled a Holiday Gift Guide perfect for those who work in an office or for your Virtual Assistants to give you plenty of time to pick up that perfect gift.


Candles are one of the most popular gifts, be that for a new home, for someone you care for or someone you know but not very well. Candles are a lovely touch as they are nice to look at as well as they smell beautifully. It goes without saying that if you’re lighting a candle in an office you need to keep it away from paper and have plenty of ventilation. Our favorite brand is Max Benjamin, they have a beautiful Holiday Scent of Cloves & Cinnamon which we will link here.

Max Benjamin Christmas Candle

Coffee Maker / Coffee Machine

Every office needs a coffee maker. A solid cup of coffee in the morning can set you up for the day. A decent quality coffee is hard to go by on the shop shelves, therefore having one at home is a dream! We love the flavored Nespresso coffees, we have linked the coffee machine itself here. They currently have an offer on certain coffee machines, once you purchase a coffee machine you will receive 100 coffee pods for free. For more details check out their site.

Nespresso Coffee Maker


Office space especially that at home tends to be minimal and very generic as often it plays multiple roles within the household. Gifting someone with a nice frame or even a motivational quote within a nice frame can be a very good find, ensure the quote is related to their field of work. Etsy – an online shop for crafty people who offer personalized gifts is the perfect place to find such thing at a decent price. We have linked one of the examples here.

Motivational Quote in a Frame


We love a good mug! These days there are so many to choose from and we particularly love to have one to use only for the office. Usually with another motivational quote or some sort of art on it. TK Maxx offers beautiful sets of mug and a tea pot right on top of it with a little saucer and that will keep your tea or coffee nice and warm for longer. We’ve linked some Christmas mug examples here.

Christmas Mug

Personalized Stationery

At this stage you know who you’ll be getting the gifts for, whether that’s for a friend of yours or your Virtual Assistant. You will be familiar with what name they trade as or identify themselves as. Personalized stationery is a nice touch and every time they will use it they will think of you. It’s also something that will definitely be useful if not right away then in the nearest future. Some examples of personalized stationery by Vista Print can be found here. We have used this company for all of our personalized stationery for our wedding, they were affordable and quality of their products were second to none.


Your assistant or Virtual Assistant will definitely be delighted with a new diary or a planner. Nowadays you can get the most beautiful, hand made, customized stationery. These vary in pricing, but usually you will get a very decent planner for €20.00. We have linked a company from which we have previously purchased planners from.

Personalised Diary/Planner


A little plant is always a welcome gift in an office. It brings freshness and brightens up the place. It takes minimal looking after if you place it in a well lit area, it also is a nice touch of spring in the office. Plants can literally be purchased anywhere, succulents are the most popular office plants.

Screen Protector

This sounds like a very generic and impersonal gift, however we feel its actually the opposite. Screen protector not only helps to save your sight in the long term, it also blocks side view for anyone who might be sitting nearby if you happen to work in a library or a coffee shop. We have linked an example here.


Yes you’ve seen this correctly – people working from home are not required to wear a suit and tie to sit at their kitchen table. (They might if they so wish) but most of “freelancers” work in whatever is the most comfortable. A nice pair of cosy socks will go a long way to keep them warm during those winter months. These can be bought from absolutely anywhere such as Primark, Tescos or Dunnes Stores.

Standing Clock

Desk clock can also be a nice gift, they come in various shapes and sizes. Many high street stores will sell clocks in their home ware sections such as New Look, Next and Primark. We’ve had our eye on a beautiful “vintage” clock from Tescos for the longest time, we might just get this as a type of “from me to me” gift.

We hope you found these suggestions useful for getting the holiday gifts for your office co-worker, your assistant or anyone else that would fit this environment.

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

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