Single Day in Life of a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are often thought of literally as “virtual” persons out there somewhere, but we are actually real people with whom our clients have a virtual relationship. Our most asked question by friends and family is what do we actually do and how does it all look. That’s why this week we are going to go through a day in the life of a Virtual Assistant. We hope you enjoy.

But first…. Coffee.

First port of call in the morning is checking emails received overnight and prioritize them according to their importance. One of our very first posts was on How To Keep Your Inbox Organized and you can read all about it here. Once you have organized your emails (not responded – organized) then its time to move onto Social Media.


Each company / sole trader / influencer will have their own way of managing their Social Media posts; however since the likes of Instagram don’t have a schedule tool its important to review your posts prior posting to ensure everything is on track and that none of the links are broken. These are our Social Media Channels, not our clients. Hootsuite is also a great resource to use for Social Media Scheduling, you should check them out.

We then move onto returning calls, Skype Calls and arranging suitable times for conference calls for some of our clients. We actually work with couple of international clients, therefore doing this as one of your first tasks in the morning helps with the time difference. For anyone working internationally working along time difference should be a priority.

Back into our emails, now actually replying to the ones we prioritized first, responding to most urgent queries, or those emails that can be answered quickest just to get them out of the way and this way you can concentrate on the more complex queries.

Once the first part of the morning is over, we then log into our clients Social Media accounts – reply to any comments, tweets etc. and reply to any private messages. This is quite a nice part of the day, almost Customer Service like. We usually do this for about 1.5 hours as we try to do this over lunch hour, this way if anyone that you replied to has further queries we will be available online to respond in a matter of minutes rather than keeping the customer waiting for further 24 hours.

Social Media Scheduling

We then report any engagement statistics or Insights (as Instagram likes to call them) to our clients, for example if there was an increased engagement with a particular post or a particular hashtag worked well we ensure the client is aware and we take note of that and utilize it in the future posts.

After our own lunch break we solely concentrate on projects at hand with the closest deadline. There’s no email checking then or Social Media alerts. We are fully committed to each project we are lucky to land.

Once we are satisfied that everything that needed to be done that day is done we can then spend some time looking for potential new clients, sending out emails and basically introducing ourselves to the world.

Working From Home - Virtual Assistant

Lastly, we check our & clients Social Media for any further queries, scan through our emails – respond to the important ones and “switch off”.

Of course, we never really “switch off” we continue to monitor our emails for any last minute changes/urgent calls etc. however we try to maintain a healthy work/life balance in the household.

We hope this gives you an understanding of how things work within our world of Virtual Assistants a little better.

Until Next Time,

Joanna & Warren

Published by Joanna Beale

Joanna Beale - Virtual Assistant Solutions was established in Ireland in 2018. It is now located in Vancouver, BC. It's aimed to help small & medium businesses with their Sales & Marketing & Social Media needs. We also provide administrative solutions.

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    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment & taking the time to read our article. The beauty of virtual assistants is that there are no limits. You can do pretty much anything virtually – find your strength and make others know you’re out there. Age doesn’t matter; the key thing to remember however is that the technology is moving forward so quickly we all need to be well informed of any new developments.

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      1. Hi, yes we are based In Ireland. However we will be moving to Canada by the new year.


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