How to Maintain Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle When Working From Home

In the current unprecedented times, many people are working from home and will continue doing so until further notice. Its very easy to become complacent and lack motivation to do anything else but work & relax on the couch. Not enough exercise and activity can lead to major mental heath consequences along with isolation. Here are five things I urge you to do/put in place to make sure you’re getting enough exercise, human contact and maintain healthy your mental health.

  1. Get Dressed

This sounds very silly, but there are days where I am so busy that by lunchtime I realize I am still working in my pjs. Those are very rare days, however on those days I can certainly feel my mental health is very affected. I am not at my best, and not at my most productive level. Its very important to get up, get dressed and start the day in fresh clothing.

2. Have a routine

This ties in with getting dressed, having a daily routine in the morning is key. When I first started working from home, I would sit on the couch in my pjs until 5 minutes before I have to “log into work” and then I’d be rushing to get things done. Now, I wake up, get dressed, make the bed & my breakfast. I check the news, check my personal & freelance email, Social Media and whatever else I need to do. I open the curtains and the windows to let some fresh air in. I brush my hair, my teeth, wash my face. I generally try to stay away from make up when I work from home but if that’s something you like doing, go for it. The idea of having a routine is so important, knowing you have to do few things to get the day started.

3. Talk to people

During your lunch, talk to your friends, your family, your neighbors. It’s so important and ties in with your mental health and not subconsciously isolate yourself. I went though days where I would binge on my favorite Netflix show during my lunch hour and not open my mouth to anyone aside my husband who came home at 5.00pm. We crave that human contact on daily basis, which is why Social Distancing during this pandemic is so hard for us. These days with WiFi at our Fingertips and face-time or Video via Whats App its easier than ever to connect with others.

4. Go for a walk

If your lunch time allows for it, go for a walk during lunch. Not only will you actually see a light of day during the day especially coming into winter; you will also see other human beings and get those steps in. There are days where I don’t even dare to look at my step count from the living room to the couch to my bed. Its embarrassing and its time for a change. This is why you need to get dressed, so you can walk at lunch 🙂

5. Log Off at the same time everyday

Working from home often means we work harder, to prove ourselves and we have less distractions (or at least we would like to think so). It also means that we don’t always sign off at the right time, there’s always just this one email to reply to, one small quick thing to do and next thing its 6.30pm and others will see this as a norm and expect you to be available at all hours. Don’t do this to yourself, because it will be hard to turn this around. Everyday practice logging off at the same time. Your work will be there tomorrow.

If you have any other suggestions on healthy and balanced life while working from home, please share it with me in the comments below.

Until Next Time,


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